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Welcome to Elite Skills Training Centre

We are one of the leading training centres in Brisbane, Queensland, offering a comprehensive range of first-aid training courses and e-learning sessions. You can come join us as well and help with our aged services and child care services that will let you take care of children and elders alike.
Australia has a rising population of senior citizens and Brisbane is no different. The city has many elderly couples who need in-home care and specialised services because of old age. Our courses can help people understand how to deal with emergency situations that involve seniors and little ones. They are designed to support them in times of trauma, accidents, falls, and other medical conditions. Our highly informative and pragmatic courses prepare you to handle such situations with care and presence of mind. These courses ensure that you are fit to take care of your loved ones or unknown people when the need arises.

Empowering People

At Elite Skills Training Centre, we provide healthcare, life support, aged care and other first aid training courses in Brisbane, QLD.

Our First-Aid Courses

We offer HLTAID001- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and HLTAID002 –Provide Basic Emergency Life Support and HLTAID003-Provide First Aid training courses to help students develop skills, knowledge and confidence for medical emergencies.

Aged Care Courses

Our training centre is best known for its aged care courses, such as Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma to provide skills and knowledge to let you take care of elderly people in Brisbane.

Child Care Courses

Do you want a job in the childcare industry? We offer a range of childcare training courses in our centre, which includes Early Childhood Development training, education awareness, safety and security of toddlers, etc.

About Our Training Centre

Our first-aid training centre was opened in 2013 in Brisbane by Hudson Martin and Isabella Wright. We offer career-oriented first-aid training courses for construction, aged care, healthcare and childcare professions. We provide students with apt skills, knowledge and confidence to help you handle the medical emergency and other complicated situations. If you want to join the first aid industry in Brisbane, then join our training courses today.


We are One of the Leading Training Centres

We are empowering young and interested students by teaching them the basic as well as advanced first-aid skills for a better future.

Our First-Aid Courses

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Our CPR Training Course

We take immense pride in offering the HLTAID001- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Course for interested students. Our experienced first-aid trainers can improve your skills and increase your knowledge required to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in difficult conditions. The demand for this type of course has been increasing across Queensland. It will help you identify an emergency and perform CRP process in the workplace and the community.

Work Safely in the Construction Industry

Our training centre offers CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry course to the potential candidates. This course offers in-depth Occupational Health and Safety training for the construction industry. Our certified team has years of experience in providing first-aid training classes, which include risk management and injury prevention techniques on the construction site.

Emergency Life Support Course

Our training centre offers HLTAID002- Provide Basic Emergency Life Support course which includes practical and face-to-face training to ensure you will get the details, skills and confidence. This will help you manage a medical emergency in the workspace and community. We help you understand the basics of life support system so that you can save a life in an emergency.

First Aid For Toddlers & Babies

Elite Skills Training Centre offers world-class medical and emergency courses tailored to your specific needs. We understand that taking care of a new baby or a toddler is a complicated task. It can be scary for many people, and that’s why we have designed are courses to empower you with skills to calmly manage the situation and give the appropriate first aid when an accident happens with a kid.

Aged Care Courses

Our institute also offers various aged care courses to those who are ready to take care of old-age people. Since the Queensland’s population is getting older, this particular course is high in demand. We offer different level of Aged Care Training courses, including Certificate 3, Certificate 4 and Diploma depending on your skills. Our main aim is to look after seniors and elderly people who cannot look after themselves anymore and need help. You will also be spending time with them and thus helping them overcome any loneliness or despair.

First Aid Courses

This is one of the most popular courses and the demand for first aid specialists has been increasing in the various private and public schools, healthcare centres and education institutes, and corporate offices. We offer HLTAID003 course for people who have never completed first aid before. You can also become a successful first aider and save lives of people in emergency situations.

Let Us Discover Your Strength & Skills

Elite Skills Training Centre is a Registered Training Organisation which helps students to boost the required qualifications to excel in their selected career path. We will help you retain your knowledge and skills that you will receive from our oral, written and practical training sessions. If you want to update your skills, join our course and fulfil your career goals without any obstacle.
We offer an ample range of courses needed for the construction, healthcare, aged care and childcare professions because they are high in demand across Brisbane, Queensland. One of the first activities we do for new joiners is conduct an orientation seminar then move to evaluation of your knowledge and skills. If you have prior training or hands on experience, it helps us device a study curriculum accordingly and allow maximum utilization of your skills.After the initial analysis, it is easier for our trainers to divided people into groups and optimisetheir teaching process.

Our Highly-Professional Trainers

At Elite Skills Training Centre, we have a trained, qualified, and dedicated team who have years of experience in the medical, healthcare, construction, and emergency sector in Queensland. Since inception, they have been serving the first-aid industry with all the top-notch resources and helping new generations to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our in-house professionals will customise the courses depending on your specific needs and help you lead a successful career path in a short time span. We are here to fill you will confidence and help people get the first aid service in any emergency. For more details, contact us today.
From nurses to childcare experts, we have everyone in our team to offer you career-driven courses and prepare you for this competitive industry. Every trainer is hired after an extensive background check and interview process with three rounds. We want to hire and keep trainers with the best elite skills and abilities and so we make all our applicants undergo written tests to evaluate their knowledge.

Our Tailored Courses

We are known for offering tailor-made first-aid training courses to groups and individuals in Brisbane, QLD. We can provide you with apt skills and knowledge.

Our Passionate Team

At Elite Skills Training Centre, we have a team who are passionate about providing career-driven professional training courses to empower people with skills.

We Are Economical

Our training centre takes immense pride in offering best first-aid courses in Brisbane at the most reasonable fees. We have customised our training sessions to meet the needs of potential participants.

Our E-Learning Programs

We also offer e-learning courses and programs to those who can’t make to our training centre. From Childcare to aged people and healthcare, you can enrol yourself and get started with our online courses.

Our Expertise

Meet Our Team

Levi Davis

Senior First Aid Trainer

Samuel Harris

Senior Trainer

Clara Wright

First Aid Trainer

Archie Clark



What They Say About Us


Thank you for making my career in First-Aid Industry. I always wanted to learn the basic skills to provide first-aid solution to people around me. Now, I am doing a pretty decent job in the corporate sector. Thank you all the professional trainers for your future-driven knowledge.


I enrolled my name to the CPCCOHS11001A- Work Safely in the Construction Industry Course last year. It was fun learning the basics and key safety skills if you are working as a first-aid officer in a construction industry. I got my dream job in Brisbane- all thanks to your in-house trainers and interactive course sessions.


My experience in Elite Skills Training Centre was superb. I opt for the HLTAID001-Provide CPR training course in a safe and sound environment. I learnt so many techniques and the skills to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation in emergency situation. Thank you so much for your tailor-made courses.


I always wanted a job in the childcare industry. My friend told me about the Elite Skills Training Centre for child care training courses. I joined Early Childhood Development course and now I am serving the industry.

Join Our

Training Centre Today

Our Interactive Classes

We offer comprehensive training, including written and oral questioning, role-plays, etc to boost your skills and help you sustain in this industry. You can contact us and get more details on our first-aid courses. We understand the importance of interactive lessons and ensure all our sessions have a questions and answer round after the training is done. It helps our clients understand the lessons better and satiate their queries.

Preparing You For the Industry

Our courses aim at providing necessary skills so that you can provide first-aid response, life support as well as managing the complicated situation in the workplace. If you are living in Brisbane, QLD, then contact us and join our basic emergency life support course. We can provide a custom-made crash course for training specifically designed to meet your industry’s requirements. You can contact us for a personalised session any time of the year.

Career –Oriented Courses

All our courses are available at competitive fees so that you can empower your skills with confidence and apt knowledge required in the first-aid industry. Join us and create your own success story. We offer individual courses for people wanting to learn the important skills of administering first aid in case of emergencies. Additionally, we have group courses for businesses that was to set up a first aid team in their offices.

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