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Yes, our first aid and medical emergency courses have been written according to the latest Queensland Resuscitation Council Guidelines. You can join our basic emergency live support system course, childcare, aged care and safely work in construction industry course at an affordable fee. You will also get updated for any changes. For more details, contact our customer care representative.

At Elite Skills Training Centre, we offer first aid courses to those are interested in serving the medical emergency and first aid industry in Brisbane, QLD. We have a maximum 15 people on our training courses. This makes sure a comfortable and engaging learning environment. The trainees will also get enough time and space to understand the basic as well as advanced techniques required in an emergency.

Your certificate is valid for 5 years. We also offer Annual First Aid Upskill Courses to give you the confidence so that you can sustain longer in the industry. You can also upgrade your certificate to serve the first aid sector.

You can contact us or fill out the form online to know everything about our courses, such as available dates, prices, location, duration, etc. Once you have found the desired course, select the date and book your centre within Brisbane and pay by credit or debit card. You can book a group course depending on your availability.

Our Emergency First Aid at Work Course meets the first aider requirements of all workplaces with less than 70 employees across Brisbane. From asthma attack to head injury, heart attack to other medical emergency, our accredited and regulated practical course serves the purpose every first aider required at the workplace and the community.

According to our trainers, it is good to wear comfortable clothing to participate in the practical classes. So, do not wear dresses and skirts. You can opt for trousers and t-shirts. You will also be asked to remove shoes, so make sure you wear your socks that are best in condition.

Yes, all of our trainers have years of experience in the medical and first-aid industry. From nursing to first aiding, they have got expertise in respective fields so that you can understand the theoretical as well as practical knowledge if you want to sustain longer in this industry.

It completely depends on your potential and skills. Our trainers will develop your skills and empower you with confidence so that you can get a desired job quickly and easily.

You can contact us or fill out the form to join our e-learning program. We have limited seats so hurry up!

Though there are some restrictions, we believe that there is no age when it comes to saving a life. At our training centre, children are accepted from the age of 12 if they can come with parent and guardian. Adults of any age can enrol as long as they are physically fit, especially for the CPR course.