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Our Experienced First Aid Trainers

At Elite Skills Training Centre, we are passionate about providing a complete range of first aid training courses, ideal for construction, healthcare, aged care and childcare professions. Our fully-trained professionals will empower potential participants with the skills, apt knowledge and confidence to help people in an emergency. We are highly experienced and trained medical and emergency services professionals who will teach you the basics of first aid so that you can identify the medical emergency and manage the situation with your skills.

Levi Davis, Senior First Aid Trainer

Levi Davis is a qualified and experienced first aid trainer with more than 10 years teaching and healthcare experience. He founded First Aid for Life Certificate from Australia’s leading institute and now teaches at our training centre. Levi is a renowned First aid expert, regularly appearing in the seminars and events related to medical emergency in Brisbane, Queensland. He gives lectures and training on accident prevention in the most engaging manner.

Samuel Harris, Senior Trainer

Samuel has been teaching first air courses for more than 12 years. He is one of our best trainers in the training centre- thanks to this great first aid knowledge. He has worked in many top-rated hospitals and healthcare centres, and that’s why he imparts practical knowledge to the potential students. Samuel Harris is known for his CPR training sessions and informative first-aid advice.

Clara Wright, First Aid Trainer

Clara is a trained and qualified orthopaedic and trauma physiotherapist and first aid trainer. She has over 8 years of clinical experience in both the hospitals and in the community working areas, such as paediatrics, aged care and child care organisations. Clara has gained knowledge and skills from her experience and she believes in boosting confidence among students while performing first aid services. Her training sessions are engaging, informative and practically very helpful.

Archie Clark, Trainer

Archie has a background of first aid professional in the construction industry. He has an ample knowledge of handling emergency situations and evaluating risk on the construction sites. He teaches courses, including CPCCOHS1001A-Work Safely in the Construction Industry, HLTAID003-Provide First Aid and HLTAID002-Provide basic emergency life support in our training centre. He has expertise teaching first aid practical lessons to volunteers, young students as well as experienced people.

Rose Hill, Senior Trainer

Rose is a qualified and enthusiastic nurse, having 10 years of experience in critical care. She is an important part of our faculty and teaches first-aid courses, aged care and childcare courses to our skilled students. Her teaching skills and first-aid knowledge has benefited many young people in establishing a successful career in their respective fields. Rose can help you know the ways to handle emergency situations, casualties and other important aspects in her training sessions.

Ariana Moore, Childcare Expert and Trainer

Ariana is a highly-trained and experienced Childcare expert in Brisbane, Queensland. She is our guest trainer who teaches early childhood development, and provides care sessions for infants, toddlers and young children. She is passionate about her work and has the potential to change our community. Ariana has also worked in various child development programs across Queensland. You can also learn basic to advanced knowledge to develop your childcare skills.

Justin Miller, Trainer

Justin is a certified first aid trainer who has been working with us since inception. His knowledge and professional background being in first aid genre has helped many youngsters in establishing a career in medical emergency industry. He takes pride in being able to convey his ample knowledge and practical learning while taking training sessions. Justin also takes online training classes during COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to join a profession of first aid officer, then enrol your name in one of our training courses.

Jacob Evans, First Aid Trainer

Jacob Evans is a professional fire-fighter having around 12 years of experience in the first aid sector. He has joined our training centre in 2015 as a first-aid trainer. His training sessions are based on practical knowledge. He also teaches life support courses now. His passion, dedication and teaching skills made him one of the renowned trainers in our Elite Skills Training Centre.

Phoebe Campbell, Childcare Trainer

For more than 6 years, Phoebe has been managing our training centre with precision. She has years of experience for being a responsible childcare and healthcare experts. She is also a qualified nurse and has been teaching students the early childhood development basics. She also provided training sessions to many renowned companies in Australia.

Jasper Hall, Aged Care Trainer

Jasper Hall has more than 7 years of experience in the aged care industry. He joined our training centre back in 2015 with the aim to empower people with basic aged care knowledge and skills. He is passionate about his work and provided caring services for the elderly people in the society. He teaches the basics that can help you get a desired job and sustain longer in the industry.